Rosemary Derwent

Printmaking, Textiles
Help ! The Pig's Out !

The World is going round in circles and so are we. Spirals and circles inspire my new small embroidery pieces, often using vintage materials. Larger Hangings are in printmaking with hand & machine embroidery, echoing my dreams & the climate disasters happening to our planet. I have been working with youngsters individually and our dreams inspire stories and paintings for our current project: Puppets and Textile backdrops for a musical play.
Please make an appointment If you would like to commission any Artwork small or large, which can include modern or vintage materials, yours or mine. I am also happy to help you realise a project as a print, quilt, cushion, with or without textiles.

Opening Dates and Times

May 2021
12pm-7pm(Tu/Thu 2pm-8pm)
Please Telephone after midday for an appointment between midday and 8pm most of the year.


95A Greenham Rd
RG14 7JE
Parking is free on street facing Stroud Green.Disabled please Ring ahead to park at rear gate in The Folly. Ring ahead for an appointment most of year
Wheelchair accessible
Working studio